Elcientials was created with one concept in mind; simplifying skincare. This line was created to cater to everyone; regardless of your current regiment, or the lack there of. Each product from our core line is created with essential and effective, good-for-you ingredients, all skin types could benefit from. Beyond our core line are key products that add further benefits for a healthier and more balanced microbiome.


Lilit Caradanian who was a makeup artist for 15 years learned; the key to perfect makeup, was great skincare. While working on many different skin types, she understood how to approach each one with the proper care. While her cosmetics line, Elcie, is all about “enhancing ones feature” – she dives deeper with Elcientials, to help enhance your skin. Being an influencer herself, receiving and trying a plethora of products, she learned her viewers were overwhelmed and confused. With that said, Elcientials was born; the need to simplify skincare, whilst delivering clean & effective ingredients.